What the hell are we up to?

This group shared many good nights together, and many laughs. However, After some consideration, I've deemed it best not to associate myself, nor my projects to Plutonium Ditial. And as such- Plutonium Digital is now disbanded. However, it's not the end of the line quite yet. Just because we've disbanded the team does NOT mean that we're stopping the development of our ex-projects. We're still going to be working on our projects, which I will not mention here, as I'd like not to associate them to Plutonium Digital anymore. A large reason, but not the only, is that I believe putting all of my projects under a unified name is a bad decision, as they differ in quality and commitment, and although I am quite committed to my projects, I cannot be everywhere at once. There may very well be a day in the future when Plutonium Digital rises once again, but it's all goodbyes for now. -Sudeurion